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Today, Rachel Saldaña of the blog Buttons Magee continues our "On This Fall Day" series.

Several bloggers are sharing a single fall day in photos + words here on The Stir over the next few weeks. Follow along to catch small and beautiful glimpses of what other families are doing around the country and beyond to celebrate the autumn season.


Rachel lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and about this special fall day spent with her two daughters picking pumpkins, Rachel writes:

Almost every year, we take the girls to a nearby pumpkin patch for a day of hay rides, cider, and most importantly, pumpkin picking. This year we did something a bit different. We grew our own. I am a complete novice gardener and really had no idea what I was doing when I tossed several handfuls of pumpkin seeds into our garden. Well, pretty soon they took over the entire rear of the garden and even flowed over to our neighbor's yard. Lucky for us, they are wonderful people and allowed two of our pumpkins to grow amongst their grass. 

All summer we watched these vines with their large blossoms grow bigger and longer. I was really impressed with the girls' patience with these plants. Every time we checked they just weren't quite ready. Until a few weeks ago. We walked out to the very back of our yard to see the progress. Lo and behold we had not one but four pumpkins ready for picking. It was more than we ever hoped for from our inexperience. 

This was my favorite fall activity this year because my girls got to feel the satisfaction of growing their own pumpkins. For me, that was so much better than the hay ride!


pumpkins kids

Growing your own pumpkins is such a fun idea, Rachel. Love this little story.

Visit more "On This Fall Day" features, and stay tuned for many more shared fall days and autumn activities with kids in the coming days. 

How are you and your kids celebrating the fall season?


Images via Rachel Saldaña

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