Let The Kids Grind!

high school dance ban
That's Too Close Kids!
In Portland, Maine last weekend one thing was missing from the Homecoming Dance: some dirty dancing between the hormonal high school students.

While the whole grinding from behind move is lewd, not particularly sex-positive, and embarrassing when you look back on your high school dance pics, is banning dancing in high school ever a good idea?

The school board makes a solid point when banning "grinding and inappropriate dancing" in that it can be difficult to tell when such contact is consensual or not.

But some teenage yahoo also makes a winning argument, "Each generation before us had their way of dancing. This is how we dance." Touché, Kevin Bacon of the senior class!

In fact, I dug up these headlines from days of yore:



May, 1, 1948 -- New Teen Craze "Jitterbug" Promotes Public Drunkenness, Promiscuity!

March 28, 1957 -- Yonkers Gives Thumbs Down to the "Hand Jive"

September 17, 1969 -- "The Robot" Forbidden After Parents Fear Martian Indoctrination

December 9, 1975 -- "Disco" Banned in Boise After Multiple Ripped Pant Incidents

November 18, 1988 -- "Cabbage Patch" Freaking Out Cleveland Parents, Some Students

February 11, 2005 -- Fear of Pick Pocketing Behind "Lean Back" Ban in Wichita Schools


Now, if we could only get the wedding industry to ban "The Electric Slide."

Do you think banning dancing in high schools is a good idea? 

Image via dok1/Flickr

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