Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns + More Halloween Freebies

Big Kid 11

Wonder Woman pumpkin stencilLast weekend before Halloween, and it's time for Halloween freebies!

We've rounded up all kinds of festive and FREE goodies for this final week before Halloween -- from printable pumpkin carving patterns and coloring pages to craft activities and Halloween decorations. Decorate your pumpkins, your house, or just have some plain old rainy day fun indoors.

Check out our list of not-so-scary Halloween printables, downloads, and fun free stuff that kids of all ages will love.

List of Halloween Freebies for You & the Kids

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Halloween shadow makers

More Halloween Freebies

Have fun!


Images via Jezebel and Mini-eco

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Memigen Memigen

These stencils suck.

maine... mainemusicmaker

Wow, Memigen....nice attitude o.O  "Free" stencils are limited...if you want better ones, you can always go to a more "advanced" site and pay for them.  Sheesh.

Very fun tips and ideas here, thanks for posting this!

Bunny... BunnyBlum

Oh lovely, another ghetto-mama expecting free stuff that meets her "standards". The only thing that sucks here is your crappy attitude.

tazdvl tazdvl


Becka64 Becka64

there's always one in every crowd...get something for free then whine about it

morga... morgansmommy06

These are awesome!!  And I agree with you ladies as well:  Memigen you have a really crappy attitude!!

Babyi... BabyinAug08 rude @ Memigen.


Thanks for posting this blog....although we already did our pumpkin, it will give me ideas for next year.

Carol Ward Guerrero

Oh Memigen.You started sompin'here. Perhaps you are having a bad moment or day? I am far from perfect-my faults lay elsewhere... and I am proud of you for voicing your opinion, so I will not judge and jury...BUT...perhaps you should think before you speak- For ex: "I did not like the stencils. They were difficult and I had trouble doing them" But...we oh thats it already!

nonmember avatar Edna

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Halloween 2010.


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