Christmas in Autumn Could Keep You Sane

Christmas treeEvery year before Halloween some cranky Andy Rooney type starts ranting on the radio about how fast the marketers get the Christmas stuff out and how you just can't keep the commercialism out of the holiday spirit. This is not one of those rants.

Oh, believe us, we at The Stir were surprised when announcements of Christmas-themed children's movies arrived in the office back in September. Especially when the street date for one of said films was early October. It seemed to solidify our theories that the Christmas creep is alive and well.

But here's a tidbit our tots have taught us: kids don't care.

They'll watch Santa all year long if we let them, which I have learned the hard way.


Call me a curmudgeon, but I hate buying holiday films. In general, they get pulled out once a year to be watched in a repetitive loop, then take up space on the shelves the rest of the year.

Then they started advertising the Phineas and Ferb: A Very Perry Christmas DVD in one of the million Disney bits of paper that make their way into our home.

But it was Phineas and Ferb. If you have not yet had the pleasure, Mom and Dad, think the Pinky and the Brain episodes you watched in college. With no kids. Except these masterminds are intent on enjoying their summer vacation rather than taking over the world. And their significantly more successful. And funnier.

But I digress.

Christmas flick. In October? I'd already sat through (and so much for my reputation -- actually enjoyed) Merry Christmas Olivia, the early to stores holiday DVD version of my other favorite kids TV show The Stir heard about in September. I laughed. I pulled out the book versions upon which the show is based for some fun re-reading. I allow them to be replayed ad infinitum.

And I caved. OK. I caved. I'm a sucker.

And dagnabit (how's that for a Rooney impression?), I'm not the only one. All it took was one "watching Phineas and Ferb holiday special" status update on Facebook for all the skeletons to come pouring out of the closet.

The Phineas fans were out in full force (there was an actual documented fight over who gets to borrow the DVD first -- among people OVER the age of 12), but so were the parents kvelling about the holiday specials that their kids watch all year-round. Turns out they never even put them away.

Because their kids are willing to be transported to the snowy island of the misfit toys in June, and it's a welcome respite from the 30th repeat of the same Phineas and Ferb episode.

Who knew? I could have saved myself reading the same book, watching the same movie, playing the same game if I just gave in to the Christmas creep.

Learn to embrace it parents. Just hold onto your wallets.


Image via milele/Flickr

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