Jennifer Garner & Jennie Garth Are Do-Good Moms

Jennifer GarnerAs if being a super celebrity dodging paparazzi while juggling multiple kids wasn't hard enough, these super-moms donate tons of time to charity, too.

We caught up with Jennifer Garner and Jennie Garth, who each gave us the scoop on their charities of choice, and how we can help.


Jennifer Garner has long been a fan of the Save the Children program, and this year, she, along with Frigidaire, are hosting a virtual campaign to help children in need. At the campaign launch event, Jennifer sat down with The Stir between packing snack packages with NYC kids:

We have a bunch of NYC kids who have been decorating plates so that they have a tangible reminder that there are kids in other states of this country whose plates aren't as full as their own. We'll pack a total of 900 boxes -- that's 30 snacks, for 30 kids, for 30 days -- for one of the Save the Children programs in Kentucky.

Going to these sites and seeing the kids and how lit up they are by having literacy programs and how happy they are to have board games and exercise, and healthy snacks that they wouldn't necessarily have otherwise, are all part of the Save the Children program. Every face you see makes you want to see another kid get served by this great charity.

So how can we help?

You can be a part of this by going to, where every time someone clicks on the Save the Children campaign, Frigidaire will donate a dollar up to a $500,000 commitment. Plus, you get a chance to win a beautiful Frigidaire range.

Jennie GarthJennie Garth is another beautiful busy celeb mom who somehow manages to find time to support her favorite causes. She's a big fan of Green Works cleaning products, and when she heard that they were sponsoring the Walk to School campaign, she jumped on board.

I thought it was a great opportunity to get families to join in together, it's not only good for our health but good for the environment, so it's just a good situation all around.

In NY, it's not so hard because everyone walks. In LA, it's a little more challenging. But we just moved to a more rural setting, so walking to school is definitely something we enjoy doing. But people are participating all over the country, and that's the cool part.

Of course, Jennie knows as much as the next mom that walking the full route every single day is not possible. "There's definitely those mad-dash, 'we're running late' days! But sometimes we'll drive the electric car halfway, and then walk the rest." And as for her teenage daughter? "We'll walk to a certain point, but there's definitely a no-hug zone. Well, she'll hug me, but no kissing!"

So how can we participate?

You can go on to Green Works' Facebook page and participate in the Walk to School challenge. You'll become eligible to win $5,000 grant for your school and fun prizes for your kids.

Do you think it's important for celebrities to become involved?


Images via Weber Shandwick, Michael Simon/Startaks


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