Boy Scouts to Gay Dad: Give Us Your Money


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The Boy Scouts have proven they're prepared to take your money -- any way they can. They've surprised absolutely no one with their decision not to let a gay dad serve as a scout leader in his son's Scout troop. But he can still fund raise for them.

Jon Langbert apparently missed the whole "Boy Scouts of America" hate the gays memo and decided to sign his son up for his local (Texas) troop anyway. And showing he's an involved dad, he threw himself into being the popcorn fundraiser guy.

That was two years ago, which also happens to be EIGHT years after the Supreme Court gave the Boy Scouts carte blanche to keep the gays away. In 2000 a landmark 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision deemed the group a private "membership organization" fully within its rights to discriminate. As recently as this summer, the Boy Scouts were out there defending their rights to keep gay men out of the ranks as the city of Philadelphia attempted to kick them out of their rent-free digs that were city-owned.

So fast forward to 2010, and suddenly they're saying Langbert can't wear a Scout leader t-shirt and can't serve in a leadership position. Which is pretty much like saying "hello, we're here, we hate the queers, but at least we're consistent."

Until you consider this: they're letting him sell all the popcorn he wants.

Yes, even after telling Langbert he is (in his words) a "second-class citizen," they're perfectly willing to take his money and that of all his "dual income, no kids" gay friends who buy the popcorn for the movie nights where they sit around sipping cosmos and watching musicals.

This "volunteer position" doesn't count as a leadership position, so the Circle 10 Council is allowing Langbert to let his freak flag fly -- outside the pack.

Color us confused, but if he's not good enough to be around the kids with his gay lifestyle, it should be an even bigger problem to have him out there representing the pack with a fundraising flier. In essence, he's a public face of the organization. He's not turning his gay off when he throws a fundraising form on the table and says, "Hey, want to buy some popcorn?"

Oh, right, he's collecting money. That makes it all better. 

Sounds like the Boy Scouts aren't just there "for the kids."


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my2.5... my2.5boys

This is a prime example as to why my boys will never join the Boy Scouts. I don't care how much good they do, it can never compensate for the hate at their core. 

choto... chotovec82

My kids are joining the Scouts when they are old enough. Honestly there needs to be an outlet for people who don't approve of the lifestyle and wants to limit the exposure of it in their kids' lives. Would I say that the Scouts hate gays, no they just don't approve of it and would rather keep negative lifestyles away from small kids. I see no fault in that.

nonmember avatar Mr Bill

On one side the BSA is paying out millions of dollars because of lawsuits they lost because boys were abused by gays, and on the other side they are heavily critized for not allowing gays as leaders in the organizations. As a "private organizaton" they have the right to restrict membership to those who share their values, just as any church or other organization does. The GOP does not want Democrats in their group. The Jewish synagogue prefers not to have Christians as members. If you don't agree with a group's values, why join?

kelli... kelli0585

You know what?  I hate Boy Scouts as much as the next liberal. 

But I say good for this guy.  If my son adamantly wanted to be in Boy Scouts and go camping with his friends against MY chagrin, I would support him in any way that I could to make sure that happened.  Why?  Because I love him.  And my sexual identity is a part of me, but it doesn't DEFY who I am. Especially not who I am as a great parent. 

My son has his whole life to figure out where he wants to lean politically, sexually, and spiritually.  He doesn't need to have a political statement right now.  And if he wants to earn a badge for building a log cabin out of popsicle sticks at the expense of a gay parent selling popcorn (who apparently doesn't see it as big of a deal as we're making it out to be), then SO BE IT.

And if being gay DOES influence who you are as a parent, then I think that this "political act" of selling popcorn for Boy Scouts speaks volumes about him.  And succumbance would be the last word I would use to describe that.



mistr... mistressScorpio

Mr. Bill, obviously you can't tell the difference between "gay" and "sexual predator." Conflating the two is as irresponsible, bigoted and wrong.

And Kelli0585, while I agree that this speaks to how much this gentleman loves his son, I would submit that there are perhaps better ways to do it than to in any way support an organization that would deny his humanity. 

kelli... kelli0585

But what if the gay parent WANTS him to be in Boy Scouts?

Sure, they are denying the parent's humanity (if that's what you want to call it.  If I recall, no one denied him anything, as he is still openly gay).  Maybe he has no desire to be a troop leader.  But by chastising him and "suggesting" that he pull his son out, aren't we attempting to deny him the right to choose whatever the hell organization he wants his son to be apart of?

In my opinion, it goes both ways.  Boy Scouts are apparently homophobic when it comes to troop leaders.  But gay activists are trying to tell him how to be the RIGHT kind of gay.  

I think both sides need a lesson on how to live and let live.


jeann... jeannesager

Kellio -- just FYI, he wanted to be a troop leader. He was denied that chance.

kelli... kelli0585

But is he, or isn't he still selling the popcorn?  He's not being forced to with a gun, right?

Please don't think I'm defending the Boy Scouts.  I'm not. 

nonmember avatar Christmas PC

It's very frustrating to think of any good parent being kicked out of his son's organization but when I checked out Jon Langbert's hometown newspaper for more information, I found a column this journalist wrote about him in 2006. Now more upset with the BSA.

Gusan... Gusandruca

It's just sad to think people still believe being gay is a "lifestyle". Oh, the ignorance!

Nevertheless, bravo to dad for turning the other cheek. I probably would have done the same. I mean, talk about selflessness!

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