Bed Bugs Invade NYC School: Is Your Kid's School Next?

hazmat response truckBed bugs were just found in a classroom at P.S. 107 Thomas A. Dooley in Queens, New York! We heard the news via a parent on Facebook and confirmed it with a quick phone call to the elementary school. The school principal confirmed there was "an isolated case" of bed bugs in a second grade classroom. An exterminator came and "took care of it," and no school closure was required.

"Isolated" huh? "Exterminated" hmmm ... Doesn't make me feel any better. How about you?

Ugh, sending kids off to school is starting to feel like an infectious disease sentence. How much more worry and woe can we take?


Between bed bugs, lice, swine flu, where can I order Hazmat suits for my kids? Or a Hazmat team to staff our front entryway? Can you buy one of those astronaut re-entry shower stalls online? Install it on the front porch and spray them down each day after school?

Admittedly, I try not to buy into irrational fears, but I am getting FREAKED out. I mean, how much hand washing and head and mattress checking can a parent fit into her day?

And this was a second grade classroom! My son is in second grade. Sure, way out here in California and those bed bugs are clear across the country in New York, but still! It feels so close! I mean, I was just in NYC for work and the guy next to me on the plane home wiped the seat crevices down with alcohol wipes because he heard bed bugs were hiding on planes and what if they were?

Scratch, scratch, itch, cough ...

I'm itchy, I fear the bed sheets are crawling, and my son had a bit of a funny cough when he left for school today. I'm pretty sure we're all infested and going to die. If not today, then surely soon. And all that will be left of us is a pile of lice nits, bed bug dust, and the faint echoes of a swine-ish cough.

Okay. {deep breaths.} Hee hee hooo. Ommmm. Hear my prayers, oh God of infectious diseases. Stop freaking us out!!! Really, we parents have enough to worry about. Stop it, okay? Please.

Did I miss anything? Should I write the Pope? Sage the house? Call the exterminator? Cry?

Are you getting freaked out about sending your kids to school?


Image via ats_500/Flickr


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