My Mom Is on Facebook -- Blessing or a Curse?

The joy is gone. One day I was happily posting any ol’ profane, sacrilegious musing that crossed my mind, and then, all of a sudden, I had to start editing my Facebook persona. Posts are now clean. Furthermore, I went though and untagged any conceivably compromising photos. Dull Dull Dull.

This all happened the day that my mom joined Facebook. I held out for about two weeks before accepting her friend request, but after all of my siblings bit the bullet, I had no choice. And now I live in a sinless Facebook world. Yawn …


Even though my age has wandered closer to 40 than to 30, I don’t want to let Ma down. 

I guess I'm not alone. This phenomena, apparently, is oppressing offspring nationwide to the extent that SNL gave it the funny treatment with a recent sketch, “Damn It. My Mom Is on Facebook Filter.” (Admittedly, I'm much older than the kid that plays Jane Lynch's son below. Am I the only 38-year-old who is afraid of their mom on Facebook? It can't be.)

When I got over being annoyed, however, I started to wonder if the Mom-wet-blanket effect to my profile might just be a blessing in disguise. My daughters are going to sift though my Facebook account one day, probably in the not too distant future. Do I really want them to see that pic from the college years -- me with a 40-ouncer in one hand and three cigarettes in the other? My 6-year-old, rather computer savvy and on her way to hacking into my account I'm sure, thinks that cigarettes mean instant death, while my younger daughter already kind of likes the idea. I don't want to give either of them future fodder.

I guess I'm glad I'm cleaning up my act before the kids are on the scene. Thanks Mom (although, sorry -- this one is not going on my Facebook profile 'cuz I don't want you to see it!).

Is your mom on Facebook? Do you censor yourself? 

Image via Facebook

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