Justin Bieber to Nail 'One Less Lonely Girl'


justin bieber nail polishGet ready, moms of tweens, Justin Bieber has a new nail polish line. Yes, a nail polish line. Justin partnered with Nicole by O.P.I. to create six new nail polishes.

Why, you ask, does the boy wonder have a nail polish line marketed to tween girls? Well, obviously, because it'll sell like crazy. Right after tween fanatics get into bed with the Biebs, they will want to celebrate being "One Less Lonely Girl," which happens to be the name of one of Justin's new nail colors.

Yeah, I wish I was kidding, too.

Hormonal tween lust is alive and well. Young girls go crazy for cutie pie Justin Bieber merchandise, which include sweatshirts, jewelry, and soon a Justin Bieber doll. They want Justin Bieber represented all the way down to their fingertips.

Justin Bieber doesn't stop with making a girl less lonely either. He also reminds them he's their prized possession with Prized Possession Purple. He beckons to heartsick teeny boppers to Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter). He gives wallflowers a wink and nod with Give Me the First Dance (silver), and he croons from the shadows with Me + Blue (blue). Best of all, Justin makes girls scream "Oh my Bieber!" with his new OMB! (red) color.

Oh, Bieber. I think you have really nailed it this time.

Do you think Justin Bieber's nail polish will be a hit? Will you buy it for your tween?


Image via Nicole



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jayboff jayboff

Ahh, to be paid to come up with those nail polish names.

ethan... ethans_momma06

im sure the tweens will love it.

godde... goddess99

Ahh I buy whatever Color polish my dd wants. We don't look at whose name is on it. But having said that we pretty much just buy OPI.

dusky... dusky_rose

My niece has a crush on Justin, but I don't think she got any of that nail polish. My DH and brother did find her a Justin Bieber toothbrush that "sings" to her though. LOL

coppe... copperswifey

It looks nice to me. My 4 year old would love it, but not because it's Justin's brand. She will just want it because it's pretty lol :)

aj23 aj23

I don't think it will be very popular

Krist... KristinRox

While my dd loves JB, she wasnt that into the nail polish. 

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