20 Candy-Free Halloween Treats That Won't Get Your House Egged

20 candy-free treats for halloweenIt's hard for a dieter on Halloween. Skip the sugary c-r-a-p, and you're a goody goody who's about to get her house egged.

Ahem, let's talk you down from that sugar binge, shall we? There's a happy medium between packing on the pounds and being the freak who hands out toothbrushes with their own little tube of Colgate Jr.

Behold the candy-free treats that will make the kids think you're the coolest Mom and Dad ever:


1. Silly Bandz -- Get the pre-made Halloween packs or buy a few packages of 24 and dump them in the bowl.

2. Temporary Tattoos -- Cut up big sheets of different characters from the dollar store so everyone gets something fun.

3. Glow Bracelets

4. Play-Doh Tubs -- A 10-pack is under $7 and provides hours of fun.

5. Bouncy Balls

6. Jelly Bracelets

7. Funky Crayons -- Hit Etsy for Star Wars figures in colored wax, giant LEGO bricks, and alien scribblers that will blow the old box from the corner restaurant away.

8. Money -- Hit the bank for rolls of quarters.

9. Sticker Books -- Who wants one sticker when the dollar store sells entire pads full for a buck apiece?

10. Mini Puzzles

11. Vampire Teeth 

12. Flarp -- Buy a mega pack to save money and let the fart noises take over.

13. LEGO Minifigures -- Build your own at their new Pick a Brick Service.

14. Glow-in-the-Dark Rings

15. Wax Lips

16. PlayFoam

17. Slap Bracelets

18. Dinosaurs -- Buy a mega pack at Target and you'll have enough for everyone without breaking the bank.

19. Toy Cars

20. Crazy Straws

Do you hand out candy for Halloween?



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