Coolest Kid Ever Outsmarts Claw Toy Machine

claw machineThe claw in the toy machine may be the hero of the Toy Story aliens, but it's the bane of every little kid's existence since time immemorial. And their parents', who end up running through their entire wallet full of change trying to get the kids a blasted stuffed toy that would cost $5 at the local box store.

But one child has proven smarter than all of the rest of us. He finally outsmarted the toy machine claw.


Police told Iowa TV station WCCI the 9-year-old climbed INTO the toy machine so he could get himself his coveted prize at a Wal-Mart in Madison, Wisconsin.

And then he didn't want to get out. What could be better than a machine full of toys to play with, after all?

The 9-year-old managed to crawl through a one-foot-by-one-foot hole, the space where toys generally come tumbling out for the 1 percent of Americans foolhardy enough to plug quarters into the machine to spend an hour working a toy from one end of the machine to the drop-slot. That's some intensive wiggling.

And a bit of pure genius in a 9-year-old's package.

Call him a naughty boy all you want, but I'm thinking this kid is going to be some engineering whiz when he grows up. Or America's best hope for gymnastics gold in 2020?

If he were my kid, I'd be right there shaking my fist and pulling my hair out. But he's not. So I'm cheering him on, and hoping somebody gives him some sort of award for being the first American to tell the claw to shove it and just grabbed himself some goodies.

And as proof that winners never quit, the boy was allowed to take home two toys after being extricated by fireman.

Would you punish this kid or reward him for his ingenuity?

Image via flawedartist/Flickr

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