Another Childhood Disorder That's Not Your Fault

adhd genetic linkSome things you, as a parent, can be blamed for when it comes to your children:

  • Bad hair
  • Video game addiction (ahem, looking at you CrackBerry dad)
  • Poor diet
  • Poor fashion sense (note, does not apply to teenagers)

But one thing that will no longer be on the list of what mom and dad did wrong will make parents breathe a huge sigh of relief: ADHD.


A new study links a gene to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which ends the nature versus nurture argument, at least when it comes to ADHD. Which is a great thing, as parents have felt the wrath of unsympathetic onlookers while their ADHD kid has a meltdown at the playground. Knowing that people are pegging you as a bad parent that probably gave your child a doughnut with a soft drink chaser, when you know your child spinning out of control is simply part of his disorder, makes a bad situation much, much worse.

Most of us are guilty of glaring at the parent of an out-of-control kid at the store. At least those of us who don't happen to know a child who has been diagnosed on the spectrum or with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Once you know a family who is dealing with either situation, you become a lot more accommodating of behaviors outside the norm.

Will this news make you less likely to judge a kid who seems to be misbehaving?


Image via alancleaver_2000/Flickr

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