5 Ways to Celebrate 'Beauty and the Beast' That Are Good for Kids

Beauty and the BeastThe return of Beauty and the Beast to DVD has been anxiously awaited in my household since a meeting with Belle at Disney World this past spring.

That I'm a tad obsessed with seeing how cartoons are made spiffier for Blu-ray is incidental to the 5-year-old's own preoccupation with all things princess.

Nineteen years after the movie first hit the shelves, the re-release ensures another generation gets to see it. So let's celebrate, shall we?


Watch the Movie Together: For a film made in 1991, the Blu-ray version looks fresh and the addition of an extra musical feature, "Human Again" (apparently it was added to the special platinum edition, but if you don't have that, it's new for you), takes advantage of the very best this film has to offer -- the singing. Which leads us to ...

Have a Sing-Along: Musical numbers abound in Disney films, but these are among the most fun and relatable of any out there. Try to throw a dinner party without humming "Be Our Guest" while you cook.

Have a Tea Party: Mrs. Potts is like the granny everyone would love to have (although how an older lady has a child as young as Chip is confusing at best). Settle down to have tea with your kids like your mom did with you. If you really want to play up the movie ties, The Stir was recently sent Belle's Enchanted Tea Cart by the Disney Store to celebrate the DVD release, and despite having to be assembled (uuuugh), rolling the "tea" in on a cart saved us on spills and added a hint of fancy to the fun.

Visit the Library: Belle has earned her place as one of parents' favorite princesses because she's not ashamed to perpetually have "her nose stuck in a book." So help your daughter play princess, without the makeup and dresses.

Make "Stained Glass": Set in France, the gorgeous backdrops are reminiscent of the famed stained glass windows of some of the country's most famous landmarks. Let your kids' creative juices flow with a kids' stained glass kit.

Are you going to watch the new version of the old favorite?

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