Trick or Treating Teen Terrorists: How Old Is Too Old?

teens trick or treatAs someone who took my baby trick or treating, and yes, actually presented "her" pumpkin to be filled with candy, I feel a little hypocritical talking about teens being too old for trick or treating.

However, we've all been there: An annoying teen comes to your door and just holds out a makeshift bag that he clearly found on the street and/or got after mugging a 7-year-old.

If you turn the kid away, you risk eggs on your house. But giving in to the little terrorist just feels wrong.

So let's make a deal -- I'll keep my kids off the streets when they are too old to trick or treat, and you do the same.

Now let's sort out at what age we have to keep the kids at home, and off your front lawn. (Shakes fist angrily.)


Some people say once you have your driver's license, it's time to stop begging for candy from strangers. After all, you can drive to the 7-Eleven and get your own.

I also think once you've got the "give me the candy, lady" attitude, it's time to stop harassing your neighbors, and instead head to the kegger.

Personally, I've seen some aggressive 12-year-olds that would be more at home on the corner than in front of my stoop, but I also know some very sweet 14-year-olds that still get a kick out of dressing up on Halloween and giggle as they ring your doorbell. You know your kid, and if they fall into the latter camp, just make sure she's fully embraced the spirit of Halloween with a complete costume, not just an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

Otherwise, consider the rule a Dallas mom has: If you're too old for a party at Chuck E. Cheese, you're too old to be trick or treating.

When do you think kids should stop trick or treating?

Image via kevindooley/Flickr


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