'True Grit': Mattie Ross on the Big Screen With Jeff Bridges

I've already expressed my wary excitement that my favorite big kid in books -- 14-year-old badass Mattie Ross -- is coming to the screen this Christmas in the Coen brothers' version of Charles Portis' True Grit.

The trailer dropped this week -- and made me feel like a teen girl getting the first glimpse of a Twilight teaser (with the corresponding and ever-present fear of getting Rick-Rolled).


Some quick impressions:

  • So happy my beloved Mattie is being played by an unknown. I just don't think I could take Dakota Fanning or Kristen Stewart or Selena Gomez in the part.
  • That unknown, Hailee Steinfeld -- found in an open national casting call after just two episodes on Sons of Tucson and a Nickelodeon Pilot  -- looks amazing. And her slight accent brings to mind a young Jodie Foster. Hoping she gets to keep some of her best narration lines from the book.
  • The Coens clearly have another hit soundtrack brewing, like the ones for Oh Brother Where Art Thou and The Big Lebowski.  
  • Jeff Bridges and an eye patch = match made in heaven: It will be interesting to see how The Dude does in his first real role after his first Oscar for Crazy Heart, now that he can no longer be called underrated. (Not counting Tron, which was well underway when he won the Oscar, and uh, because it's Tron.)
  • Is that really Matt Damon in those locks and that moustache? I think he looks awesome, but I'm doubting that my female and gay male friends would agree.

Still think the whole thing sounds a little too good to be true, but I'm stoked to see it.


Are you as excited as I am about True Grit?


Image via Paramount.com


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