Girl Fight, Mom Arrested for Cheering Brawl On (Video)

girl fightApril Newcomb, a Florida mom, has been arrested on charges of child abuse after a video was leaked, in which she actively encouraged a seemingly pre-planned fist fight between her 16-year-old daughter and another teenage girl.

In the video, several teens (all with camera phones aimed at the punching, slapping, hair-pulling action) encircle the fight between the two girls. In one of the several videos that hit the Internet, April Newcomb is heard screaming and egging on her daughter in the down 'n' dirty physical altercation. According to The Daily Mail, mommy dearest April yells, "Don't f***king stop!" when her daughter seems to be backing down.

Well, there's some good parenting! We all know teenagers' brains are wonky so they're going to make some really bad choices. But as parents, do we need to make worse ones?


Watch clips of the fight and an interview with Psychologist Jeff Gardere via CBS:

Good work on Newcomb's part at making sure her daughter doesn't get re-injured on the back of her head. Way to step in there and protect your kid, mom, and, you know, show her how we solve problems that we have with others. This kind of encouragement is a fast ticket to trouble-ville for her daughter, who will, no doubt, go on trying to solve other problems or express her feelings with her fists or worse.

Newcomb was arrested and posted $15,000 bond a day later. The other girl's mother was also in attendance, but hasn't been charged. Not sure why not.

What do you think of this mom's actions? Are you glad she was arrested? What would you do if you found out your kid was planning to fight?


Image via CBS

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