7 People to Kiss Up to at Your Kid's School

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schoolThe day you get your child's teacher assignment, it's up to a parent to find out how to get on said teacher's good side and stay there. I'm sorry parents, but you're doing it wrong.

Sure, you want to make nice with the teacher; you'll be working together for the next year to ensure your child is on a path to being a lifelong learner, loving school, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

OK, so you've got the kid's needs down. What about YOUR needs Mom and Dad?

Pucker up -- here are the butts you need to kiss:

1. The Night Janitor. Who do you think will be letting you sneak into the classroom at 9 on a Friday night to get the winter coat your child left behind right before the holiday break?

2. The Nurse. A school nurse calls you when your kid is sick. A friend calls you to tell you your kid is faking it, and she's sending her back to class.

3. The "Specials" Teachers. Unless your kids are looping, they have their classroom teacher for just one year. But they often have the art, music, and gym teachers year after year from kindergarten into the higher grades (at my school I had the same gym teacher through to my senior year). If they like your family, it could make a number of years easier on you.

4. The Bus Driver. Because everyone has a morning when no one will get moving and could use an extra minute or three to run down the road to the waiting door.

5. The Lunch Lady. Handing your child a $5 bill in the morning is easier when you know the lunch lady won't let them buy six ice cream bars with it. Or at least will tell you if that's what happened.

6. The Office Secretary. She is the go-to for just about everything in your school district. Access to the principal? Check. Access to the super-secret list of when they'll be holding assemblies and you could just as easily check your kid out for that dentist visit? Check. Get on her good side ... NOW.

7. The Psychologist. She can't share much about the other kids. But she can shake her head vigorously when you say Susie has been requesting a playdate with this kid Janie.


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tazdvl tazdvl


MomIWant MomIWant

LOL - so, soooooo very true!!!!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Well I'm screwed. The receptionist has hated me since the first day I met her -- when I asked for a vaccine exemption form for varicella. 

The rest, thanks for the head's up! :)

clean... cleanaturalady

I agree with all of these and I would add the Principal to the list.

Radarma Radarma


Don't forget the volunteers!!!

sodapple sodapple

thank you!


I totally have the hook up at my son's school.  I get along well with everyone and have several friends that are teachers... with keys.  :)

Carey... Carey2006

I LOVE IT!!!!! And this can be applied in SO MANY AREAS of life!!!!!! Secretaries/Admin Assts...are KEY to most businesses!!!!!!

Daniella Ivette Mendoza

WOW! And I thought school was for my kids to get an education - not for me to "kiss butt".

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