On This Fall Day With Tara O'Brady of Seven Spoons

Today, Tara O'Brady of the lovely food and family blog seven spoons kicks off our "On This Fall Day" series, inspired by some of my favorite creative bloggers.

In the days to come, several moms will be sharing a single fall day with us through photos and words. Follow along to catch small and beautiful glimpses at what other families are doing around the country and beyond to celebrate the autumn season.


Tara lives in southern Ontario, Canada, and about this fall day out with her two sons, Tara writes:

On this day we got up early, but left late. We went out and about in the bright afternoon sun, into fields that went between green and tan and brown, bare soil. And, now and again, fields freckled orange with pumpkins.

It was a day at the farm, for cider and sugar cookies shaped like ghosts. To ponder the chickens and grin at the goats. For running through corn mazes and clambering up onto hay bales. For excited chatter and peals of laughter that caught and tumbled on the breeze like falling leaves.

We ate our lunch outside on picnic benches. Two lads, one little and the other littler, matched in navy coats, one wool and other quilted. Both swinging their feet.

The shadows grew lanky. The wind began to bluster. Cheeks grew rosy. And smiles were wide. We were ready for home.

It was a simple day. A day that felt like a holiday, without being one.

Such beautiful photos and words, Tara. Thank you for sharing!

Visit all the "On This Fall Day" features, and stay tuned for many more shared fall days and autumn activities with kids in the coming days.  

How are you and your kids celebrating the fall season?


Images via Tara O'Brady

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