Dad Who Went Bananas on a School Bus Is My Hero


school bus rantJames Jones is facing criminal charges for climbing on a school bus and throwing a big ol' hissy.

Is this the wrong time to mention I kind of heart him?

I mean, he was wrong, totally wrong. But also kind of right . . .

He climbed on his daughter's bus and started screaming at the kids, using "profane" language and basically just going batshit crazy.

But according to Orlando TV station WESH, the other kids put open condoms on his daughter's head and hurt her by smacking her on the back of her head and twisting her ear.

As a parent, that's like a declaration of war.

Just last week my daughter's best friend told his mom that a little boy had thrown sand in my daughter's face. I heard this via a Facebook message from said mom, and it was a hold the phone moment with a side order of steam from the ears and nose.

Here I thought I'd gotten the skinny on "what happened at school today?"

And now I had a kid to kill.

Or at least kick him in the shins and run away.

See, I get where Mr. Jones was coming from. You don't always get a full report from the school (mine came from the mouth of another 5-year-old for cripes' sakes), and all too often there's been no supervisory intervention at all.

It's tough on a bus in particular because a driver has her eyes on the road -- that's her job. I remember the stuff that went on on buses as a kid, it wasn't pretty. If Jones' school district is anything like mine, there's no funding for bus aides.

It's that driver driving, and a bunch of kids playing bully in the backseats, taking advantage of the extra-tall seats installed in buses around America to protect our kids in case of an accident.

Jones has said he's sorry for taking matters into his own hands, and he's taking his criminal charges in stride.

So before you judge him, how about a big round of applause?

You thought it. He did it.


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RanaA... RanaAurora

Can't say I blame him.  Seriously.

Now she's going to get picked on for that, but I bet you NO ONE will touch her.

Peajewel Peajewel

I get where he is coming from.  When we moved, my so had a hard time and kids picked on him so bad and he was in such a state of depression.  He would not always tell me the things they said because he knew how bad it upset me.  I went to the school and I talked with everyone and they always said they could do nothing because they never saw it happening and they could not take my son's word for it.  I hated it and there were times I just wanted to go to that school and scream at those kids myself!  So I get where he is coming from! 


I have wanted to do that,  trust me.  That is one reason I drive my son to school,  because of a bully or three on the bus.  There were many days I wanted to get in their faces and let them have it. 

nonmember avatar Dan Hochberg

Yes, I totally support this dad. I think they should drop the charges. And it sounds like the supposed two adults on the bus are utterly useless.

mindi... mindiemoore

In this case abolsutely that father should get on that bus and knock some heads. What those children did was way too far, condoms on her head? Where in the world did they get condoms to just play with like that? For "minor" things I think it is important to let the kids deal with it on their own so they learn conflict resolution without mommy and daddy always intervening, but this was definitely not one of those cases! Good for him.

Laura Darling

I agree. I would do the same thing. We (Parents) are our childrens protectors. But I think that some of the parents should maybe volunteer to be the bus aide. Kids will be kids. I think it's up to us to watch them as well as the teachers.

beezil beezil

I have to say I would have done the same thing, maybe minus the profanity, but a condom on a child's head? What in the world?

sstepph sstepph

I would probably have done the same thing minus the swearing!

hotic... hoticedcoffee

OK, I can understand the impulse to board the bus and go apeshit, but this guy was WAY out of line.  If my kid was on that bus and he'd come barreling on, threatening to take out the bus driver and then start on the kids, he'd be safer in jail than on the streets because I would find him.  He didn't do his daughters any favors, either - she's gonna be the girl with the psycho dad, soon to be starring in their own urban legend. 


Sylvia Harrington

Bravo to that guy! I don't blame him one bit.

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