School Bake Sales Banned in California

photo by digitaldiva

On Election Day, my son's elementary school PTA had a major bake sale which included cakes, pies, cookies and the sort donated from school-loving moms. There were goodies galore, more than one tummy should ever hold, but all for a purpose--(on a day it was closed) the school raised $3500.


There weren't any Election Day school bake sales in California though. The state has recently adopted nutrition guidelines that "strictly limit the fat, sugar, and calorie intake of all food sold at schools during school days"--before and after school, reports CBS News.

Some California schools are making no exceptions doing away with nachos, hot dogs, soda and other non-nutritious foods. Piedmont High School is one of them, says principal Randall Booker. Today there is a zero tolerance policy for what used to be a campus tradition. "I love the bake sales," he said in the CBS report. "I eat them myself. But there are state laws that we just have to abide by."

Does your child's school have bake sales? Do you agree with the new California State law banning them?

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