9 Last-Minute Kids Halloween Costumes

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9 simple kids halloween costumesHalloween is minutes away in costume-making years. Are you ready? Or did you procrastinate? Again?

If so and if you're too stubborn or prideful to head over to the once-a-year Halloween shop on the corner and pick up one of the four remaining costumes on the shelf -- I don't blame you, who wants their kid going as a creepy Merman, a sexy French maid, a fictional, not even real, Jersey Shore character, or an axe murderer??? -- then let's talk. There is still plenty of time on the Halloween procrastinator's clock to bust out a pretty cool costume for your kid.

Check out these nine ideas for creative, last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids. Some take a bit of creative panache; however, we know you've just been saving all yours up for this moment, right?

9 Last-Minute Kids Halloween Costumes

1. Umbrella + rain gear + stuffed cats & dogs = Raining Cats and Dogs costume (pictured at top).

raining cats and dogs costume

2. GeekMom has some seriously cute ideas for costumes made from paper bags.

paper bag costumes cowboy fisherman

3. Who knew a cardboard box, some plastic containers, spray paint, and a glue gun could become a cool-looking Lego costume?

4. If you can come up with some monochromatic play clothes ensembles -- all brown, all red, all yellow, all black -- here are some easy ways to make your kids' everyday clothes into costumes.

bat Halloween costume umbrella

5. Turn an old black umbrella into an awesome bat costume.

6. A pig nose + a blanket = Pig in a Blanket costume.

7. All you need is a cardboard box, some art supplies, and some creative oomph, and your kid can go as a remote control, a UPS truck, or SpongeBob SquarePants.

8. If you're really in a last-minute Halloween costume bind, send your kid as a dry cleaning bag (slip one over any outfit), a mummy (lots of gauze), or a road (all black and masking tape) on Halloween, and pay the therapy bills later.

ghosts Halloween

9. When all else fails, bust out the old sheet (check your local thrift store if you don't have one) and some scissors. Everyone likes the traditional ghost, right?

Got any creative, last-minute kids Halloween costumes you'd like to share?


Images via Real Simple, GeekMom, InventorSpot, peasap/Flickr

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mom2t... mom2the.rescue

These are all great ideas.  My boys say they're going as banged up skaters this year.  They'll draw on bruises & stitches & wear their skateboarding gear.  One year I made my then 1-2 yr old a sock monster-the guy in your dryer who steals all your socks so that you have no matches. I took cute overalls & put a few stitches into different fun colored baby socks.  He was adorable & it was totally free!

justp... justplainjenni

I love that sock monster idea!  A few years ago, my son was a last-minute ghost.  We put on one of his dad's plain white t-shirts and painted his face white.  He was only 3, so he really didn't need anything too detailed.  We've also cut up old tshirts and painted stripes on them for pirate shirts, used an old easter dress and added a tiara for a princess, etc.  It kills me spending $20+ for something they can't really wear anywhere else.  This year, my son wants to be a cop, so we're making a foil-covered cardboard badge, navy pants and a navy collared shirt, and a pair of plastic hand cuffs, and he's good to go.  My girls are wearing swimsuits and tutus to be ballerinas.  It's always warm where live, so bundling up isn't an issue for us, but neither would be hard to wear over a pair of sweats or thermal underwear.

penny... pennycandy

I love the raining cats and dogs idea. I may have to borrow that idea for a costume to wear for work. I work in a store with the public so alot of the costume ideas for adult women are not appropiate, but this one is just too cute.

Rebecca Hickok

cut out the letter P from some old material and sew it on a t shirt/sweat shirt or you can paint it on. Blacken one eye with eyeliner or face makeup and go as a black eye pea. Many older boys/men will actually wear this.

CoolM... CoolMommy86

@Rebecca Hickok, LOL! The black-eyed P from Chicka, Chicka, Boom-Boom! I was just reading this to my 3 1/2 year old recently! That's a very cute idea I'd never even thought of! Maybe next year, this year she picked out her OWN costume (a fairy) and I got some vampire acessories. Yes, we're going Trick or Treatin True Blood  style lol. She's also made her own Halloween plans...she is 3!

reraice reraice

my mom made my little girls costume she will be a gyspy so i looked in the closet and it turnes out i had everything to be one too     long skirt wide belt  several multi colord scarf   some big hoop earings and  some bangel bracletts and your good to go

maine... mainemusicmaker

My kids are set...me, I'm the one with the last minute issue.  I was gonna wear my "witche's" outfit, but it's too "realistic" (for lack of a better term) and not scary and/or spooky.  Then I figured I could go out as the Ghost from Charlie Brown....with all the holes cut out of it....but I don't want to ruin a sheet.  *grr*...I'm out of creative ideas =(

nonmember avatar Ramesh

What a useful post here. Very informative for me..TQ friends...


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