Is Your School Throwing a Boo Hoo Party?

cryingMy aunt called me last week to count down the days until my "boo hoo party."

My what?

I thought she was being deprecating about my daughter's first day of kindergarten.

She was being serious.

It seems her kids' school throws an official party for parents on the first day of school.


The parents drop the kids off at school and head into the cafeteria to cry. It's usually the moms and dads of the kindergartners who show up, but helicopter-worthy parents of any age group are invited to pop their drippy red nose in the door.

Excuse me for wondering if they aren't a tad bit too indulgent to these parents.

My friends and I joked that we should follow the bus to school on the first day ... then set up in the parking lot with a bottle of wine. Whether it was to drown our sorrows or celebrate our freedom, we couldn't quite decide.

Note the word "joked."

We also debated the very likely expectation that we will cry mixed with the yen for a bit of freedom. These are our babies.

For me, it's my ONLY baby. Excuse my ramblings this week. I'm going to be ping ponging back and forth with my emotions worse than PMS week.

But I am not going to spend a morning in a pity party with the rest of the parents. We're dropping her off, and then my husband and I will wipe our tears and go to work. Like adults.

We'll go make money to feed our kid, and we won't let her see us crying on what she currently thinks is going to be the very coolest day of her life. Thinking she might find her parents sobbing in the cafeteria and start freaking is the last way I want her to start off a 13-year adventure.

I've never been through the first day of kindergarten. I may be kidding myself about my strength completely.

But I'll skip the party. I've got work to do.

Does your school throw a boo hoo party?


Image via A National Acrobat/Flickr

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