Back to School Preparation: Crammed Into One Long Weekend

Well, it's been a wonderful summer (we've had mild and wonderful weather here in NorCal), but now we're in the final final countdown before school starts.


My oldest son starts second grade (second grade!) on Tuesday.

We've been planning and talking and planning and talking, but I guess I haven't been really doing a lot to prepare for the first day of school. Instead, I've crammed all the preparation into this long weekend.

Okay, I had a few things in order. I bought my son a few new pairs of jeans when they were on sale at Gap a few weeks back. Two pair. They have arrived. And those are the two things I had in order for back to school.

Oh, and it's really still too warm for jeans. But whatever.

It's the weekend before, and I sort of forgot that I hadn't ordered my son a new backpack. I'd been waiting for a sale at Land's End since I had a gift certificate there, but then I sort of, well, forgot. I also forgot that his last year's backpack has a broken zipper and that's why we needed one so badly. He also needs a new lunch box, as last year's is pretty darn funky.

So anyway, I finally remembered to order these two items, er, Friday afternoon. Whoops. They should be here by Thanksgiving break.

New shoes, yeah, my son needs some. His current high-tops show all the rough and tumble of a darn good summer. But don't worry. I got him some new Vans months ago. Sadly, they're still TOO BIG. How long does it take for a foot to grow, folks? I make him eat his vegetables, and I only bought one size ahead. So I was forced to go out yesterday and buy some other new shoes. I picked up a few new T-shirts for him to wear the first week as well -- since it's my practice to buy new clothes a little later than the beginning of the school year and let him continue to wear summer clothes in September since it's still warm here.

Oh, and about those school supplies... We have most of them ready. Because we bought them yesterday. Hey, I wait for the teacher's supply list, which they don't put out until the Friday before school starts so this wasn't totally the fault of my procrastination. And the only thing Target was out of is the coveted dry erase markers every teacher loves and some pencil cap erasers. Phew. Got lucky.

Man, school supplies are expensive though!

Not bad huh? I think I have it all together. I'm sure I could have saved myself some dough if I were more on the ball, but I didn't do too badly. Not too badly for waiting until the last possible second anyway...

And hey, we still have Monday off. I rock!

Are you all ready for the first day of school? How long have you been ready?


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