Mom Needs Appropriate Punishment for Gay Son

gay sonA woman who put out a question on a message board asking for appropriate punishment options for her gay son coming out of the closet just answered her own question.

If he's 14 and stuck with this woman for the next four years, that's punishment enough.


Says the question on Answer:

"He’s 14 and when he told me this I made him leave the house and not come back till he was acting normal. He came back, but was adamant that he was going to stay in this mind set. That obviosly [sic] didn’t work, so I need to find out what will."

Here's hoping it's a prank, but as a recent comment here on The Stir that directed parents to tell their kids that homosexuality is sinful established ... this is pretty de rigueur for some parents.

So if this isn't a real parent posting, it's at least representative of a real -- albeit disturbed -- parent.

More than a quarter of gay teens will be kicked out of their homes for coming out. Another 28 percent are forced to drop out of school because of their sexuality, and the CDC estimates one out of every six gay teens has been beaten badly enough to require medical attention.

Living with parents who take this attitude is hell.

Plain and simple.

Which makes for an interesting conclusion. They think their kids are sinful ... so they cast them into hell. Which makes who Satan in this picture?


Image via kevindooley/Flickr

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