Girl Throwing Puppies Into a River, Horrifying Video

girl throwing puppies riverAnother day, another horrifying viral video to make you question humanity. Today's disgusting video is of a young blonde girl, who looks to be a teenager, in a red sweatshirt, throwing live puppies into a river.

Stop reading now if you don't want to know what a sick, sick world we live in.


I watched the video. I don't know why I watched, but I did -- with the same morbid curiosity about human beings I've carried with me for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was the one who stood and stared as the adults carried one neighbor home after a block party. Again. The rest of the kids were fine with the explanation that he was "sleeping." I knew there had to be more to the story. So I watched and hoped for answers. The same as in the case of this nausea-inducing video. I try not to look at the puppies so much as the girl. The girl.

I know I should be hating this girl for her actions, wishing for cruel justice like those on the Find the Girl Who Threw Puppies in River Facebook page, plotting and wishing a world of hurt upon her, but instead I'm stuck asking questions. I have always wanted to know what makes people become who they are, especially the worst of us.

What made this girl this way? How can she act with such cruelty? How can she, without so much as a second's pause between puppies, keep flailing them out into the fast-moving water this way? This girl launches live puppies like baseballs into the river. They're yelping, they're crying. It's so frickin' awful. And she just moves along in her job -- one by one -- until all six tiny black and white puppies are gone from her bucket and drowning in the river.

I try to pause early in the clip, the one time you can see the girl's face. I try to make it out. She has heavy eyebrows, possibly a dimple. I search for fear. Remorse. Sadness. Desperation. Anything. When I detect a bit of a smile on her face, I brush the thoughts away.

I watch the video again. The girl, not the puppies. She mumbles, and I think I detect an accent. I turn off the sound because it's unbearable. She has clean white tennis shoes, a fresh pink top under her sweatshirt. Someone is standing by filming the whole scene? But why? Why, why, why?

Is someone holding her at gunpoint, I ask myself in hope. Is she on drugs? Is it either her or the puppies? She gets fed OR the pups but not both? Why else would someone do such a thing? Does she move quickly so she can't change her mind? So she doesn't have to think, too long, about what she's doing? So she appears to be brave? Because she has places to be?

Or is this just a typical day for this girl child, whatever life she is living? Another day where there is no time or reason for feeling? No room for worry about another litter of puppies that must go? Not an ounce of space for thoughts or love or hope?

Maybe I make it all too complicated. Maybe she really is completely evil or dead inside. Maybe the two stole the pups from their mother just to murder them. Maybe that really was a smile. Maybe she kills them fast because she thinks it's fun.

Still I can't help asking, but why?

What do you ask when you see or hear about people doing horrible, awful things? Do your thoughts jump first to anger or wonder?

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