Last Chance: Back-to-School Deals on That First Day Outfit

walking to schoolSchool is officially one week away, and we still haven't chosen my daughter's first day outfit.

With Labor Day approaching, there's no time left for a shopping spree. So we're hitting the Internet hard.

Which means I've found some deals the rest of you can use. But I need a favor: help me pick her outfit!


Tea collection1. Tea Collection

I love the dress and leggings look for back-to-school, and that's big with Tea's rustic-inspired line this fall. The combo works especially because September mornings are cool in the northeast. She can strip the leggings off in the bathroom at lunchtime and still look put together.

Other Benefits: This outfit offers future options including slipping a long-sleeve shirt under the dress or slipping the leggings under other outfits.

The Damage: $28 for the dress, $19 for the leggings.

Deals I Found: Spring dresses are on sale for as little as $12 -- and they meet the same criteria (cool for now, great with a tee underneath in a few weeks). Many of the boys' tops will fit well into fall as well -- you can ignore the word "spring" for $10.50, can't you?

Other sites have them on sale too -- Cute Little Clothes sells those leggings for $16.80, and there's a host of picks for both genders.

Appaman tee2. Appaman

I'm a big fan of this brand with Scandinavian roots, not least because when I won a contest on their Facebook site this spring, they were amazing about customer service -- they'd forgotten to ship the free tee, so when I noted it, they sent my daughter a pair of shorts as well!

Other Benefits: Their lines are always trendy without going too far out of "kid-dom," and their jeans have a great fit for my daughter.

The Damage: I love the Appaman Awesome tee this year (see what I mean about trends that fit the kids?) -- but it's $31.95 at Lou Lou's Corner.

Deals I Found: Leggings from Appaman are just $14 at Psychobaby.

land's end3. Lands' End

This has always been my go-to for all the basics in the wardrobe, and it's a brand that suits boys and girls alike. It's not fancy, but everything is wash and wear and the prices are reasonable.

The Damage: Reasonable, reasonable, reasonable. A plain long-sleeved tee is $12.50 and can be re-worn in any combination -- perhaps with this jersey skort for $16.50 or the requisite leggings for $12.50?

Deals I Found: Shop the Lands' End brand at Sears for some major savings. Take this polo for boys for $7.80.

So which do you choose? And where have you saved?

Image via Pink Sherbet/Flickr

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