Miley Cyrus Deserves an Apology: I'll Go First

Miley CyrusShe's persona non grata for an increasing number of parents. So what was Miley Cyrus' biggest mistake?

Allowing herself to be a victim to science.

She grew up.

And no one likes it.


So this mother of a 5-year-old is stepping forward to hand Miley a tissue. And an apology.

On behalf of every mother out there who shudders at your name, I say turn 18 in peace this year. And keep making movies like The Last Song. They let you be yourself.

A teenager trying to figure out who she is. A girl past puberty who has, gasp, started to identify herself as a sexual being. 

I've oft posited Disney would be better off sticking to the princesses because as fictional characters, they manage a feat Miley, Hillary, Britney, et al can't. They stay one age ... forever.

The reviews for The Last Song in particular struck me as proof that society is stuck in the "blame Miley" rut. The film was aimed at teen girls, who loved it. But any failings were blamed not on writer Nicholas Sparks and his "sad story at the beach" trope but laid squarely on Cyrus' shoulders.

Paging all parents: she's still just a kid trying to grow up.

And she's been doing it in front of you the whole time.

Are her choices stupid?

You bet your sweet pole dance. But do you happen to recall your teenage years? We were just lucky enough to do it without someone making fun of our "horse teeth" and poor underwear choices.

If the paparazzi were constantly poking around in co-star Jason Earles' life, they'd likely find something naughty too -- after all, he's 33 and legally able to do plenty of things the average parent doesn't want their child doing ... or watching their role model do.

But we're too busy playing the "you're older, you should be more mature" game with Miley. Yes, she's older than our girls. But she's still a kid.

Give her a break. She's just being Miley.


Image via benyupp/Flickr

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