'Jersey Shore' Halloween Costumes: Which Sleazy, Drunk Jersey Kid Is Your Kid Gonna Be?


Jersey Shore Halloween costumes

Oh good gawd, not Jersey Shore Halloween costumes! I suppose it was just a matter of time...

Fake tan not included.

So many very cool Jersey-esque costume choices for your kids here. How ever will they decide which big-haired, big-mouthed youngster to be?

Pauly D

We have the Deluxe DJ Pauly D Costume ($24.99), complete with molded muscles, tattoos, a black tank top with a printed logo, and the beaded cross necklace. Pauly D Headphones ($17.99) and gravity-defying wig ($17.99) sold separately (that hair is VERY special, folks). Or just spend an hour with a blow dryer and a dozen bucks on a tube of Pauly D's favorite hair gel Joico ICE Spiker.

The Situation

The Deluxe The Situation Costume ($24.95) comes with six-pack abs, a black printed tank top, and a bead chain.


Snooki-lovers need options. Choose between the Snooki Black Dress Costume ($29.99) that includes a sexy black mini dress with a plunging neckline held together with a silver O-ring and a sheer midriff panel or the Snooki Metallic Leopard Dress Costume ($29.99) that includes a sexy plunge-neckline mini dress in a shiny metallic leopard print. Snooki Hair Pouf ($17.99) sold separately.

But wow, what about JWoww? What if your kid really really wants to be JWoww for Halloween? Do what any good parent would do and buy your daughter a piece from JWoww's Filthy Couture collection or, you know, any other cheap hooker dress you can find. And I'm pretty sure the Snooki Hair Pouf ($17.99) can pass as a JWoww hair pouf.

Would you let your teen wear one of these costumes for Halloween?


Image via Costume Craze

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ajbro... ajbrownies

Hell to the no. Not on this planet. What is wrong with people? That is just asking for some pervert so stare at your kids. Why would anyone let their kids emulate such terrible behavior? Bring on the days of ghost costumes made out of sheets.

happy... happymom1988

oooh ! c'on ! now a days d market is full of crap ! n this js thingy is wayyy too stupid ! .................. all those ppl are nothing but worthless , brainless adults that are famous for making a fool of themselves !

MomIWant MomIWant

Only in an America can a couple of complete morons be this popular.  These dimwits are making a fortune.  WOW there really is no such thing as universal fairness!!!!!!

tonya... tonyalynn

no, i wouldnt

tazdvl tazdvl


maine... mainemusicmaker

Absolutely NOT. I'm still in awe that "America" is so infatuated with this hot mess of a "show".

nonmember avatar ray

yall are just a bunch of haters you dont even know these people you judge them by their appearence you know what they say dont judge a book by its cover!

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