10 Benefits to Making Sure Your Child Takes Vitamins

vitamin benefitsYou know you're helping your child get an excellent start to her day by giving her a healthy breakfast and packing a nutritious lunch. And you're keeping to your family dinner schedule, right?

Of course sometimes doctor appointments, band practice, or an early work meeting can interfere with the best laid plans. On those days you can't monitor every morsel of food that goes into your child's body (which is like, every day), make sure you cover your bases by giving your child a multi-vitamin.

Here are 10 great reasons to slip them a vitamin in the morning before they head out the door, and out of your sight.

  1. You've heard of "brain food" that helps your attention span, memory, and development. Make sure your child isn't missing out on those benefits if he didn't have a super food for breakfast by giving him a multi-vitamin.
  2. Even when you think you're getting vitamins, you might not be. High heat and processing can negate any added vitamins in fortified foods. Be sure you make up for that loss!
  3. Good skin starts with a healthy body and getting the right vitamins is key to maintaining that glowing skin teenagers long to have.
  4. Every day can't be a full food pyramid day -- no matter how hard you try.
  5. Vitamins can assist with alertness so he'll stay awake through American History class.
  6. Creating strong bones is an important long-term benefit to taking vitamins today. Another benefit -- fewer trips to the ER to set broken arms.
  7. Sunscreen is crucial in protecting your child's skin, but it also blocks out vitamin D, which is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system, bones, and to prevent disease.
  8. With cold and flu season coming, your child's body needs to be prepared to fight off those germs. Immune boosting vitamins help in the battle.
  9. You never know what he's eating for lunch.
  10. Because teaching your child to take care of her body is a lesson that will benefit her for the rest of her life.


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