Grease Sing-a-Long: Too Sleazy for My 1st Grader?

I was all geared up to take my 6-year-old to the Grease Sing-A-Long this summer, and unlike most dads, I know the words to all the songs. 

My sisters had the movie on constantly when I was a kid, and I was more than happy to play Danny to their Sandy.

But have you watched Grease as an adult? It's filthy!

I knew there was a bare-ass scene, and I knew Rizzo's joke that she'd "bite the weenie" -- "with relish" was somehow dirty.

But watching now, the whole thing is about getting laid and staying laid. It's got condoms breaking, bareback sex, teen pregnancy, and raunchy dancing. 


The car, "Greased Lightnin'," is "a real pussywagon" where Travolta and the T-Birds are certain they'll be "gettin' lots of tit." 

And Sandy learns in the end that to keep her man, she's gonna have to slut it up a little bit, and be sure to smoke. (To be fair, the lyrics -- "you better shape up" and all that -- are a little more admirable.)

My daughter has loved "Summer Nights" and "Hopelessly Devoted to You" since she was 2. We'd watch an edited-for-TV version on our DVR, and when we played the soundtrack in the car, I would just loudly sing over the dirty lyrics. In our version, Greased Lightnin' is "a real cookie wagon."

But now that she's a savvy 6-year-old, I'm wondering if she'll still be so oblivious. Plus she can read (I don't know why we ever taught her that), and the lyrics are plastered right up there on the screen.

I'm thinking we'd better just invite some friends over and have our own sing-a-long at home. Maybe bake some cookies. We can serve them in a wagon.

Do you worry about exposing your kids to "adult" situations?


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