Back to School Spending Is Up, But You'll Never Guess What Parents Are Buying

back to school spending up tattoosBack-to-school spending is expected to be up this year, as parents head to the mall, the office supply store, and ... the tattoo parlor?

The Wall Street Journal is predicting that parents will spend an average of $606.40 on back-to-school readiness this year, which is up $58 from last year's recession spending. Logically, the lion's share of the family budget will go to school clothes. School supplies and high-tech gear like laptops are also a big on the spend list.

Shockingly, 45 percent of the parents surveyed said they would pay for cosmetic services for their kids. Yes, haircuts are on that list, but so are teeth-whitening and tattoos.

Can I get a WTF?


My daughter just got her back-to-school haircut yesterday, but if she wants a tattoo, that 4-year-old is going to have to save up and buy it herself. Seriously? What parent buys their kid a tattoo? Even teeth-whitening is going too far in my book. Unless you have a physical problem that yellows your teeth (smoking does not count for kids), you need to stay away from the cosmetic chair.

Also, I wonder if any of those services include boob jobs or lipo? I certainly hope not, but if you're willing to pay for your teen to alter her body with a tattoo, you're not really a line-drawing kind of parent.

Anyone else think teeth-whitening and tattoos are an unacceptable back-to-school expense?


Image via Brandi Jordan/Flickr

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