Wi-Fi in Schools Making Kids Sick?

Usually, I love wirelessness. I love not having to see cords everywhere. I love the ability to look up directions or recipes on my phone. I really love being able to walk around my house with my computer. Moments ago, however, I walked my computer away from my sleeping daughter out of fear, as I read about a heated debate over Wi-Fi in schools currently underway in Central Ontario.

Last week, a group of Canadian parents were turned down by Simcoe County School Board when they requested to have the newly installed wireless networks removed from 14 Ontario elementary schools. These parents believe that the Wi-Fi setups are to blame for a recent plague of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and insomnia (among other alarming problems).


According to the parents, the kids are afflicted on school days, but the ailments disappear on weekends when they aren’t in the classroom.Though it does sound a little fishy to me, it’s not so far-fetched to keep me from worrying every time I hand my 4-year-old the cell phone to talk to her grandmother (we ditched the landline last year because we NEVER used it).

Indeed, when it comes to Wi-Fi, I have feelings similar to those that torment me when it’s time for vaccinations. The argument behind vaccinations seems so solid, but the passion exhibited by those who oppose them is equally persuasive. If only I had a time-machine allowing me a jaunt into the future and the chance to learn, definitively, how all of this awesome new technology is affecting our children’s brains.  

And I really want an iPad.

What does a mom do? Does Wi-Fi worry you?

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