When 12 Kids Get Chicken Pox at Once (or How the Duggars Scored a Free Ticket to Heaven)

12 Duggar kids

Okay, we've all probably had to endure at least one household-wide "sick-isode" in our parenting years -- you know, that one bad bug or virus takes the whole family out? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I almost died from the "awful" of such an experience with a stomach bug that swept through our house and left no one standing.

Now imagine you have 19 kids. (That is enough for me to have a panic attack right there.)

But for the fun of provoking miniature emotional breakdowns, imagine you had the 19 kids -- one in the NICU with mom and 18 at home with dad. And then imagine that 12 of the 18 at home got the chicken pox all at once. 12! 12 kids itching, scratching, and whining all in unison.

(Quick! Somebody please hold me...)

Well, that's exactly what happened to the Duggar family earlier this year. 


First, daughter Johanna broke out with the chicken pox and then it was just a matter of time before 11 of the other kids had them too. I guess the remaining six were spared.

RadarOnline.com posted an exclusive clip of the Duggar's scritchy scratchy itchfest, which is a preview of the next episode of the Duggar family's reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. In the clip, we get to see all the infected kids covered in red spots -- a few of them even got spots in and on their eyes. Ouch!

Turns out the infestation outbreak occurred right before prematurely born baby Josie was set to come home from six months the NICU. Michelle delayed their trip home to keep Josie healthy. However, Jim Bob and the kids -- while out on a road trip -- popped by the hospital to say hello to Josie #19 through a sliding glass door.

(Wait a minute...a road trip? With 18 kids? 12 of whom have the chicken pox... ??? Who are these bionic parent people!!? And did I mention they're contemplating child #20?)

(And hey, do the Duggars vaccinate? Still possible they contracted chicken pox even with a vaccination, but now I'm curious...)

How does this family do it? Seriously. I can barely get dinner made and get to soccer practice on time for one of our two kids. The sniffles or a bout of diarrhea can throw our entire system off course. I really cannot, anywhere in my mind, understand the parental capacity that this mom and dad must max out every day.

How, how, how do they do it?

The 'Chicken Pox' episode airs Tuesday, August 24 at 9 p.m. on TLC.


Image via TLC and RadarOnline.com

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