Meatcutting and 19 More Strange College Majors Parents Are Paying For

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collegeAh, college. The last bastion of experimentation.

Like choosing underwater basketweaving as your major, while your parents pay through the nose.

OK, that one's still just a rumor, but you might want to check with your kids before signing on the dotted line -- because these 20 twisted majors are 100 percent real:

1. Wine Making. College isn't just about boozing after hours. Students at a host of schools can take viticulture -- learning to make wine from the grape growing to the grape stomping (or pressing these days) and beyond.

2. Golf Management. Four years on the links doesn't sound all that hard, but these students actually learn everything from how to keep a green "green" to hospitality.

3. Boilermaking. Not just the Purdue mascot, it's the study of how to make and repair steam parts.

4. Franchising. An entire line of study can help you run your own fast food chain. It's a far cry from flipping burgers.

5. Philology. A fancy name for the study of language. Take your pick from Tagalog to Urdu.

6. Meat Cutting. Thank a meat-cutting major for your steak tonight.

7. Home Ec. Yes, even in this day and age -- although they call it "family and consumer sciences" these days.

8. Home Furnishings and Equipment Installers. A roundabout way of saying "interior design," but they sound large and in charge this way.

9. Auctioneering. Classes to make you talk faster! New Yorkers need not apply.

10. Fashion and Fabric Consultation. Next stop: personal shopper.

11. Aromatherapy. You mean there's more to it than walking through Yankee Candle and taking home what smells good?

12. Human Sexuality. Let's talk about sex, baby! They do it at Widener University!

13. Canadian History. Our neighbor to the north is YOUNGER than the United States. And that's saying a lot.

14. Gunsmithing. As long as there's a right to bear arms, someone has to make them, right?

15. Mortuary Science and Embalming. Somebody's got to do it, but way to bring a pallor to your party days.

16. Logic. Can we sign everyone up for a year of this?

17. Security and Loss Prevention. They're NOT just mall cops apparently.

18. Cartooning. It's not a well-known college, but there's a school devoted entirely to comic books. Spider-Man eat your heart out.

19. Bagpiping. There's never a shortage of pipers at Scottish funerals ... or weddings ... thanks to Carnegie Mellon.

20. Sports Ministry. Get out there with your pastor and play paddleball at Belhaven. You'll be in sports heaven.

Would you pay for these?


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LoL along with journalism, I majored in interior design. It was hard!

nonmember avatar Jeannie

You know, you have Canadian readers and we are just as proud of our history as you are of yours. Please be more respectful of our nation.

MomIWant MomIWant

Hahahaha - while not my daughter's major, nursing is, she is taking a wine tasting class this year as an LER...I'm so glad she did not know you could major in wine making! Hahahahaha

jeann... jeannesager

Jeannie, my apologies -- it was meant to be self-deprecating toward America!

Naomi780 Naomi780

Maybe because I'm "older", frankly, I didn't find these majors that unusual.I think it's a matter or perspective. More modern concentrations such as  computer science, etc, have their place, but many of the majors noted speak to an earlier time, but not irrelevant to today. And, a point on Canadian history--my ancestors spent a few hundred years in Canada on their way from France to the US.

mojoe... mojoe12776

Katelyn should be taking a course in her major, Criminal Investigation, called clandestine graves.  They are gonna teach her how to find and dig up bones!!


clean... cleanaturalady

Why not?  What is wrong with thinking (or studying) outside the box.  Not everyone has to major in Business or Engineering, you know.

tonya... tonyalynn

boilermakers make a lot of money

sodapple sodapple

i would pay for mortuary =-)

Pnukey Pnukey

I would pay for that. Not everyone can or should be a doctor or a lawyer. These sound great.

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