17 Summer-Loving Things to Do With Your Kids Before Labor Day

kids jumping pool summerIs dear, sweet summer really coming to an end? Say it isn't so. No more swim-filled days, road trips, backyard dinners, snow cones, or blackened summer feet?

Yep, Labor Day is less than three weeks away now, so the pressure's on -- the pressure to relax, get prepared, and have fun, that is.

Before the temperatures start slipping and you get sucked into the busy school year ahead, make sure you and your kids find time for these 17 summer-critical activities.

After all, summer only comes once a year ...



forest trees

1. Explore Nature

Nature and the outdoors won't be like this again until a year from now. Go explore. And take in the sky. Nothing like an end-of-summer sky.

2. Make S'mores

Even if you have to do it on the grill out back. Yum!

3. Create a Homework Space

Get input from your child and create the perfect place for writing, reading, and study time.

4. Use a Rocket to Remove a Loose Tooth

It's really quick and painless. We swear.

kids tarzan photographs

5. Dream Up Magical Photo Shoots

What kinds of scenes and sets can you and your kids imagine?

6. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Because ice cream IS summer, folks.

7. Identify a Few Constellations (or a UFO!)

Astronomy is fun for the whole family. Get out under the night sky while the evenings are still warm. You never know what might pass overhead.

8. Put on 216 Pairs of Underwear

Beat a world record!


9. Build a Boat From Nature

Challenge your kids (and yourself) to build a floating boat only from materials found in nature. Then set them a'sail in a local park or your kiddie pool.

10. Make Smoothies

Think peaches, apricots, berries, watermelon, figs, and all those lovely summer fruits.

11. Upload a Video of Your Amazing Kid's Talents

Is anyone really over Greyson Michael Chance yet? I'm sure not. Maybe your talented kid can be the next Internet sensation.

12. Design Your Own Wallpaper

Turn your kids' drawings into something amazing.

rainbow cake

13. Make a Rainbow Cake

Why? Cause it's awesome! And yummy! 

14. Make Sun Prints

Mr. Sun won't be around forever.

15. Talk Gently About Tough Topics

Before you get into the thick of the school year, sit down with your kids and start exploring tough topics like teasing, finding good friends, being authentic, dealing with peer pressure, bullies and cliques, or maybe even sex!

16. Sing Together in the Car

But windows down! And don't almost crash.

And perhaps most importantly ...

17. Lay Around and Do Nothing at All and Enjoy It

Because busy times are a'comin'.

Which ones are you going to make happen? What fantastic summer-loving things do you have planned between now and Labor Day?


Images via thelastminute/Flickr, Sheri Reed, Andrea Jenkins, Jan van Holleben, and Booooooom!

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