Being a Gay Teen in Mississippi Sucks

teen photo banned from yearbook for wearing tuxedo
Ceara Sturgis
Another Mississippi high school is discriminating against a GLBT teen, and luckily the ACLU has filed a lawsuit letting them know they can't get away with that kind of behavior.

This time Ceara Sturgis, who has always dressed like a boy, was cut out of the yearbook because she wore a tuxedo in the senior photo. (You'll remember Constance McMillan, who won her lawsuit when she was told she couldn't go to the prom in a tuxedo.)

Sturgis has gone to school at Wesson Attendance Center since she was in kindergarten, and now her yearbook shows no evidence of the student graduating. That's shameful, and it's discrimination.


On picture day Ceara Sturgis had the drape or tux option, and while she tried to wear the drape, she was so uncomfortable her mother asked the photographer if she could instead wear the tuxedo. The photographer agreed, but the principal said she couldn't appear in the yearbook. When the yearbook came out, not even her name was published with the rest of her class.

Seems like the principal just wished Ceara Sturgis would disappear. Unfortunately for him, the ACLU took Ceara's case and is claiming discrimination under Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sex or sex stereotypes. Let's hope this is an easy win for the ACLU, but most importantly for Ceara and other teens who don't fit into the "norm" the Wesson Attendance Center principal feels is appropriate.

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Do you think Ceara Sturgis should have been included in her high school yearbook?


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