Hand Sanitizer at School: Too Much?

hand sanitizerThe back-to-school list is long and harder to sew up than I ever expected (where oh where do you find a kindergarten smock?), but there's one glaring omission.

Hand sanitizer.

My husband and I both expected it to be there -- so much so that we have stocked up on on little containers before the list arrived in the mail.


We've got our daughter trained -- when we're out and about, she asks for one of the yummy scented ones from Bath and Body Works that I now keep in my purse (which prompted me to check out their new kids' line for her) before digging in to dinner.

And the hand-washing addict that I am, I'm nervous about her heading off the school with no means of cleaning her hands in sight.

Studies have shown schools are one of the top sources of dangerous MRSA -- and considering the lack of hygiene practiced by most American kids, I'm not surprised.

Kids are gross.

They pick their noses and wipe it on the bottom of the desk.

They use their sleeves as tissues.

They sneeze ... on one another ... for fun!

Hand sanitizer isn't a cure-all -- they've found it kills more like 40 percent of germs than 99 -- but you tell me the last time you saw a kindergarten class marched to the sinks before lunch ... or after.

I'm going to slip one in her lunchbox and hope for the best. If it brands her a freak, at least she'll be a freak with banana-scented hands.

Will your kids be packing hand sanitizer?


Image via Bath and Body Works

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