Study: Booster Seats Work! Duh!

This summer, I got bold and took my kids, ages 4 and 6, on a month-long trip to the other side of the country. We went to visit family, spread out along the West Coast from the top of Washington down to Los Angeles. Every time we took an airplane or rented another car, I found myself cursing the inventor of the booster seat.

With everyone’s luggage, toys, and pillows, I had enough to carry already, yet I had to lug these awkwardly shaped gizmos everywhere I took my kids. I started wondering if ye ole booster seat really does much good. I am happy to report that thought proved that I was just exhausted and not thinking right.


Booster seats are fab! A recent crunching of numbers has revealed that traffic injuries for children ages 4 to 6 have decreased significantly in New York since they passed the booster seat law in 2005.

The study, reported in the The Journal of Pediatrics, revealed that the traffic injuries for this adorable demographic have fallen by 18 percent! As you may guess, this law requires kids to be strapped in a car booster seat to help ensure that the seat belt is positioned properly.

I love when things work. Last year, New York tweaked their law to encompass 7-year-olds as well. Although my youngest just graduated to a booster seat and is thrilled with it, my 6-year-old has grown sick of hers and asks, incessantly, when she can ditch it. Sorry, kiddo, safety first!

Does your state follow this booster seat law?

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