Katy Perry Crashes a Prom, and You Should Too

katy perry crashes promKaty Perry may be out of high school, but she went stag to a prom last weekend in Australia. The 25-year-old pop star gave some Melbourne high school students a massive thrill when she stumbled into their party at the Grand Hyatt.

Apparently Perry heard her tune "California Gurls" blasting, so she grabbed the mic and started singing karaoke-style, or, karaoke if you're Katy Perry singing your own song.

While your presence may not be as well-received as Ms. Perry of the whipped-cream shooting boobs, there are still a few good reasons to put on a strapless gown and grab a wrist corsage and start cruising for a prom to crash.


1) The dress

When is the last time you really did it up? I don't mean going to a wedding, I mean red carpet style? Never, that's when. This is your moment to shine, baby!

2) The punch spiking

Finding sneaky ways to get your drink on is a lot more fun when you're not legal. You can load up a flask and share in the girl's room, or spike that Kool-Aid and be the one to blame when the drunk chaperon starts a conga line.

3) The groping

The sexual tension is never higher than when you're being forced to control yourself. Although, please, no cradle robbing -- bring your own date.


Image via machechyp/Flickr

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