Louis CK Isn't the Only Dirtbag Dad Who Swears

Louis CK's new and brilliant "family" sitcom-meets-stand-up show airs its seventh episode tonight. Savor it. Each Louie is a treasure and they're getting better.

A treasure if you enjoy swear words and a hard look at family life with even harder laughs. And "family" means a single dad's raw look at family life. But dear Lord don't watch it with the kids. Unless you're a really liberal parent and won't get mad at me for calling it a brilliant "family" sitcom.

Louie is a comedian -- remember this -- who rose to fame after he called the first of his two daughters an assh*&e for what she put him through. He popped off with this similar gem in this month's Esquire

"Unless you have given your precious child the finger behind their head at least 10 times by the time they're 10, you're not really putting the work in."

Ballsy. Crass. Pure Louie CK.


And, as his quote says, "putting the work in" is really the point. He insists the vulgarity comes from love. (Don't we all?) And his TV show demonstrates it.

Think about how dads are depicted on TV. Shows usually score cheap points on dads as caretakers by showing them as hopelessly bumbling. Idiots. Like we can't get school pick-up times right or we're too hungover to be responsible enough to remember it's our weekend.

But Louie really goes for it. The truth ... even if it's showered in a sh&tstorm of curse words. His show features a father that struggles constantly -- yet is still competent (for the most part). And as a single dad who has received plenty of condescension, that's all I look for.

We're not always perfect or wrapped up in the prettiest of packages or have mouths as clean as we all wish our toilets were, but we parent, as best as we can. Yes, even the single dads.

And Louie recognizes that not all dads are dirtbags. In an early episode about a wine-soaked playdate, he deflects praise from a single mom who calls him "obviously a great dad" for making dinner for his daughters.

"Just by showing up you're father of the year. You're here. You're peeling a carrot, you're amazing."

He decides to accept the compliment. I would too. They're not always that easy to come by.

Have you seen Louie? What do you think of its depiction of a single dad?

Image via WesBryan/Flickr

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