Lesbian Moms in Connecticut Can Marry

photo by HappynloveMom

Gay Californians and their supporters were just dealt a blow with Proposition 8 passing on November 4, banning the state's once legal same-sex marriages. But just this morning, Superior Court Judge Jonathan Silbert entered the final judgment in the case that allows same-sex marriages in Connecticut. Gay and lesbian couples there can now pick up marriage license forms at town and city clerk's offices.This will have a huge impact on the lesbian mommy community, especially those raising big kids, many of whom are on CafeMom.


Older kids can't be shielded from the controversial news, so many lesbian moms may choose to use the latest rulings as a teaching moment. Straight moms too. With all this talk about gay marriage in the news, if your own children are old enough, it may be time to ask them what they've heard and fill in the blanks with facts.

One anonymous CM mom posted a question about gay marriage that is thought-provoking. She acknowledges that many people are against gay marriage because of religious reasons, but bluntly asks why a person cares what someone else is doing? "The sin is that of the sinner, not you," she writes. humaniterian87 agrees, "I as a Christian honestly have to agree with you. So many Christians spend so much time protesting and alienating homosexuals with a get saved or go to hell attitude when that time could be better spent feeding hungry or taking care of unwanted children etc. I am opposed to gay marriage, but I am also opposed to adultery, etc."

Have your children asked questions about gay marriage? How have you dealt with it?

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