10 Free School Worksheets & Learning Activities for Home

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As we move along into the school year, you may find your child needs to take on some extra learning activities at home. Whether your kid is an eager beaver when it comes to learning or is struggling with a particular subject and needs extra practice, you can find literally millions of printable worksheets and learning games online.

We've rounded up 10 fun and FREE school worksheets and activities for your kid to do at home.


10 Free School Worksheets & Learning Activities to Do at Home

  1. Personalize these free customizable handwriting worksheets to meet your kids' practice needs or to make them fun.
  2. Have your child write letters to a friend or family member in order to practice spelling, handwriting, grammar, artwork, and storytelling. Great idea, Kristen.
  3. Check out the great ongoing list of homeschooling materials and ideas at Pioneer Woman. Whether you homeschool or just need educational activities for your kids, you'll find something good in there.
  4. For some math fun, check out the list of free math web games at the bottom of the page on PragmaticMom.
  5. Urge your son or daughter to start a creative journal (or scrapbook or photo book or comic book or novel or zine). Keeping a journal is good writing, storytelling, and critical thinking practice.
  6. Got a science-loving kid? Check out these free science worksheets. 
  7. Conduct a hands-on science experiment: Have fun doing bug autopsies, planting an indoor herb garden, or making a terrarium.
  8. TeacherVision is a popular site featuring tools and resources for teachers, which help make learning fun for students in grades K-12. Resources that parents might find useful include printables, quizzes, and printable books by grade level (7-day free trial; $49.95/year).
  9. FunBrain.com is one of the top five most-visited kids learning sites on the Internet, featuring over 50 fun and interactive learning games for kids, parents, and teachers. Popular games include Math Baseball and Grammar Gorillas.
  10. Play games that evoke figuring, estimating, matching, sorting, counting, and adding. They might not even notice they're learning (games listed in the link all under $10).

Where do you go to find free and useful worksheets and learning activities for your child?


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