4th Grader Breaks World Record for Most Underwear Worn at Same Time

fourth grader breaks world record for underwearThere's a new record holder in the "wearing the most underwear at the same time" category and it's Jack Singer of Warwick, New York. Proving there's a world record for everything.

The fourth grader's parents worked together on Jack's birthday and quickly began slipping on pair after pair of tighty whities, per his request (?), until they reached the magic number of 215.

At one point the kid's feet fell asleep so his parents just had him lay down as they slid the next pair on again, and again, until he was done. Gee, do you think all those waist bands might have been cutting off his circulation?

Watch the video so you can see the fascinating process yourself:


As you can see, Jack did have an element to this big event that makes us think the kid has got something after all. Instead of gifts, he asked party guests to donate money to a local Marine who was injured in Iraq. And you know the attention he got by this underwear stunt brought a lot more people out to his party, resulting in more funds.

So go ahead, young Singer, put on your underpants!


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