Move Over Justin Bieber, It's Kieron Williamson, a New Money-Making Boy Wonder

Kieron WilliamsonMeet Kieron Williamson, age seven, the next boy wonder artist, but not of the music-making kind. Kieron is a British prodigy painter from Norfolk, U.K., and he just sold more than $200K worth of paintings in 30 minutes.

Holy cow!


Because Kieron's paintings bear resemblance to the Impressionist's works, he is being called a "Mini Monet" and recent media attention led to his gallery show sellout, which earned the boy $236,850 for 33 pieces.

Now that's a good start on a college fund and not bad for a kid who only started painting at age six.

Not many kid doodles turn into a lucrative business, but not many kid doodles look like this either.


Beautiful huh?

Check out this video about Kieron:

I find him rather adorable. Of course, whenever they interview a prodigy children, especially one who can paint like Kieron can, I always expect genius to come out of their mouths. Then I remember, oh, he's just a seven-year-old kid. Just a boy. Who can paint like crazy.

What do you think of Kieron's work?


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