Pole Dancing Classes Offered for Little Girls


pole dancingThey're as young as 7 or even 5, and they're spending the summer pole dancing.

Not in a strip club. In a dancing studio.

And their parents are OK with this.

Hey, at least they're getting exercise?

You had the knee-jerk reaction, right?

Pole dancing? At 5? Scandalous!

The Ottawa Citizen posed that angle to Tammy Morris, owner of Tantra Fitness, a Canadian studio that currently offers these classes to kids and is even debating a mommy and me class.

Her answer makes sense: If the kids associate a pole with any adult profession, it's likely to be fighting fires, not flinging open one's legs.

It's not going to "make" kids have sex, just like a condom being available in the nurse's office isn't going to "make" them tear their clothes off and jump their deskmate.

She's almost convincing.


But the names of the classes allow you to forgive yourself for being a big ol' judge-a-roo: Bellylicious, Sexy Flexy, Pussycat Dawls, and Promiscuous Girls.

You might as well put them in short shorts with the words "look at me perv" scrawled across the butt.

They're one Nelly Furtado song away from innocence.

You aren't teaching girls to work out. You're teaching them to work it.

Simply put: If this class isn't about teaching the girls to be sexy, remove the titles. Period. Bellylicious, although inane, can at least be ascribed to the practice of working one's body to keep off belly fat.

But if you want girls to think it's a fire pole, don't tell them they're learning to be promiscuous.

Do you think this is appropriate?


Image via lululemonathletica/Flickr

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ethan... ethans_momma06

Mixed feelings on this. I think that is plausible that young grls could get the phenomenal work out that pole dancing offers minus the huge sexuality of it. However the names of the classes leave me to doubt that that is what is being institutionalized here - which I do NOT support for the young ones. In the end I would have to see an actual routine before deciding.

Aiden... AidenDsmommy

omg i would so be against this

Momch... Momchipomkids

unless it's welded to  monkey bars, my girls won't go near it.  

LoriA... LoriAnn87

No way should a little girl being knowing how to pole dance.

Kristi Gambrel Kerr

Are people actually signing their children up for this?? Are they insane???

hotic... hoticedcoffee

What's next - kiddie acting classes taught by porn stars?

leomo... leomommy1325

I think it's disgusting even if your daughter doesn't know what promiscous means or what a stripper is.  I totally agree with Kristi.  These parents must be insane signing their children up for this!!!  There's no way in hell I'd sign my 5 year old up for it.  If I found out it was being offerred at the dance studio she goes to, I'd pull her out so fast it would make the instructor's head spin.  Kids are naturally inquisitive so even if they don't know what promiscous means or what a stripper does, they're going to ask.  I'm not explaining that to my 5 year old daughter.

Lynette Lynette

u wouldn't catch my daughter in a class like that! 

kelli... kelli0585


As liberal and open minded as I am. . . this is awful.  People just keep pushing the envelope with this sort of experimentation with children.  Why in the hell would this be okay?  It's stripper dancing! 

Pole dancing was originally created for one thing and one thing only.  People make me sick. 

There are plenty of other ways to "make daddy proud."   




Peajewel Peajewel

No, I do not think this is appropriate.  Girls see enough before they should without adding pole dancing but I am certain some Mom's will love it! 

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