Caroline Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter, Shoplifts: Isn't This a Rite of Passage for Every Kid?


caroline giulianiHo hum, the daughter of Rudy Giuliani was caught shoplifting at the world's most expensive cosmetics store, Sephora. Okay, it's not the most expensive, but I have never left without spending at least $100 -- they have everything and if you are into makeup and perfume and fancy face creams, Sephora is heaven.

Caroline Giuliani, like many 20-year-old NYC girls, probably wanted the goods, but didn't have the cash, and stuffed over $100 of goods into her bag just before being caught by Sephora employees.

Red face!

Maybe Rudy doesn't give her money like the thousands of other trust fund kids roaming the streets. (Kudos!) Some people are saying it's a cry for help -- that Caroline wanted to get caught for attention.

Silly, silly people. No one shoplifts because they want to get caught.

Not that my former 20-year-old self would know. Well maybe some do steal for the spotlight -- but my teenaged sister sure didn't after she heisted a leather purse from Filene's Basement when she was at the mall with our parents (oops, sorry sis). She got caught and they ended up posting her photo all over the mall with the words BANNED for Shoplifting on it.

But I doubt Caroline's mission was to get caught. I mean, she goes to Harvard! I went to a SUNY school on student loans I am still paying back and even I knew (back then and now) that shoplifting is bad, but it's done because you want something you can't afford or you feel the "system" sucks and why can't we go back to those barter and trade times. I mean, money sucks, man. Especially when daddy is Mr. New York City -- loved only after 9/11 (not that I approve) -- and a big fat wallet money man.

But wait. Maybe she has daddy issues -- her relationship with her father is said to be strained. My sister and I had daddy issues -- what girl doesn't in some form or another, right? And if you didn't or your child doesn't, woo hoo for you. But would issues with pop make a girl shoplift?

I'm sure she's sick of her dad in the papers -- and maybe she's just sick of her dad's Republican ways. She did "betray" him and supported Obama -- or so her Facebook page said. So why would she want his name in there again? Maybe her rebellious shoplifting was like a private victory (even for just that moment before getting caught ) -- her way of snubbing her nose at "the man" -- but yet preferring to keep it quiet. Again -- key is to not get caught.

Rebel, flaxen haired beauty! Rebel! Get the old NYC skyline tattooed on your neck, pierce your septum, or become the sex advice columnist at The Village Voice. Don't steal -- and especially don't get caught stealing. Not even Winona Ryder got away with that.

Sephora didn't press charges against the former mayor's daughter after they found out she was a Giuliani. Of course they didn't. Sephora is like Starbucks in NYC -- on almost every corner. And since Rudy is RUDY, well there you go. But she was led away in handcuffs, booked on petty larceny charges, and due back in court on August 31.

Now that's street cred.

Do you think Caroline shoplifted for attention from her father? How can we teach older kids to be good citizens? Does it have to start young? Or is this just a rite of passage?

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nonmember avatar Jen

It's not a rite of passage. It's a crime. I cannot be the only one who thinks blase attitudes about everything from theft to booze to dope is one of the things wrecking this country. This girl's problem is not that she has no money. I highly doubt daddy lets her starve. She is going to Harvard, for God's sake. All this is is one more example of a spoiled brat who thinks anything she wants is owed to her.

MomIWant MomIWant

It is very popular in youth, but I wouldn't say rite of passage.  For our family, we had a strict rule about shop lifting, if you did it, don't call me when you get caught - I would not bail you out.  You do the crime, you do the time. 


Who knows why she did it?  Plenty of celebs and people with famous parents,  etc do stupid things. 

I don't see it as a rite of passage.  I didn't do it,  and most of my friends didn't either.  I definitely think that children need to eb taught early on the difference between right and wrong and that stealing is obviously WRONG. 

clean... cleanaturalady

Not a rite of passage.  Well, at least not for middle class girls from Texas.  Maybe so for trust fund kids from NYC,  I dunno.

Carey... Carey2006

Did she REALLY SHOPLIFT??? It wasn't a misunderstanding or accident??? If she did I wonder what is going on...maybe she's having issues/problems & it's not merely attention seeking.

tonya... tonyalynn

why would she does?!

frysh... fryshannon34

Probably just for the thrill of it

nonmember avatar BellaKRiley

Rite of passage?

No, it has always been, and continues to be
stealing. There are laws and commandments against it.

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