Spying On Kids at Camp: Why Send Them at All?

camp kidsAttention helicopter parents: You want to send your kids to camp?

Now you can do it without giving up a precious moment of tracking their every move your little one's life.

Camps are going digital with videos of everything your kids are doing so Mom and Dad at home can keep up.


The Sun-Sentinel makes it clear parents are crazy about the ability to turn parents' weekend into every day.

A little disclaimer here: I've never sent my child to camp. Nor was I ever a camper (although as the daughter of a contractor who has been hired by dozens to do work, I spent a lot of time in them as a kid playing gopher for my dad).

The closest I've come is watching Meatballs and Camp Nowhere.

But I don't get it.

If you're sending your kids off into the woods to commune with nature, make new friends, and all that jazz, isn't part of the point to NOT know what they're up to at every moment?

For decades, rich kids have subsisted on the old-fashioned letter to "please send bug spray" and submitting to smothering just one weekend out of eight. 

Now they're getting cell service in the boonies so they can text you when they get their period to "please send tampons."

What do you need videos for?

Is this a great service or more evidence today's parents can't let go?


Image via okapisafari/Flickr

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