5 Hoodies Made for Teens (But Stylish Enough to Make Mom Want 'Em)

red striped hoodieHeaded to the mall shopping with my 17-year-old cousin the other night, and let me just say it's adorable hoodie mania out there in all the teen-friendly stores. And I was sort of wanting them all.

Loving this red and white striped hoodie with dolman sleeves from PacSun. I think I could squeeze into one of these -- even if they only come in junior sizes (shhh, no on has to know...).


Hoodies aren't just sporty sweatshirts anymore. Now you can find hoodies in a whole range of stylish cuts and colors and materials. I didn't think a hoodie get get any more functional, but I was wrong.

These five hoodies are great for end of summer nights, and your teen (or you ... hee hee) can wear them right on into Back to School as well.


Hoodies shown above:

(top) Billabong Musica Hoodie ($49.50) at PacSun

Oversized Hi-Low Jacket ($24) at Charlotte Russe

Zip Me Up Jacket ($24.80) at Forever 21

Cass Hoodie ($39.99) at Abercrombie & Fitch

RubbishTab Detail Hooded Cardigan (on sale until 8/2; $28.90) at Nordstrom

Do you ever sneak into the Junior section and ogle their clothes?

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