Back to School Looks From T.J.Maxx

The following is a guest post from our sponsor, T.J.Maxx.

CafeMom and T.J.Maxx gave $50 gift cards to a bunch of CafeMoms and asked them to go back-to-school shopping for their kids.  Check out everything they bought! 

"We were able to walk out of the store with 5 really great shirts, all ten dollars and under. With original prices of $20 and up. These are name brand shirts also. Polo, Echo, Nike, and Levi.

"Overall my shopping experience was great. And memorable. We got a good start on school shopping. And it was hard to decide what we wanted because they had a lot of great stuff.  The kids had a blast & we still have $7.00 left over! That is good because they had the best clothing for the best prices. So you bet I will be buying the rest of the children's school clothing there."   -- allurasmamma


"This was our first time going to T.J.Maxx as a new store was built close by last year, and was also the first opportunity to look there to buy my twin boys some back to school clothes. They are going into the 2nd grade in less than three weeks, and are just starting to care about what is "popular  and cool" for clothes this year. I was happy with the selection, and extra happy to see how organized the store was. One of my biggest pet peeves is to find something great only to see it's not the right size because it was put in the wrong area.

"We didn't have any trouble finding their sizes at all (Boys size 7-8). We had quite a bit to choose from that we knew the boys would like. Having twins it was nice to see how much I was able to get for both boys at a really good price."   -- Schleetle


"I have three kids, but only 2 are school aged.  They are my boys (6 & 7) and are super easy to shop for.  They're not picky so I'm able to go without them. 

"I got them each a pair of jeans for winter to come.  Then I also got an outfit set, which was a polo type shirt and a pair of jean shorts, and 3 other shirts.  So, in all, two jeans, one pair of shorts and four shirts.  I ended up spending $49.26 and I have 76¢ left over."  -- jillbailey26

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