'You're Cut Off' Recap: A Mom Reveals Her Secret

gia You're Cut off
Gia confesses her big secret
It's really hard not to poke fun at the women on VH1's You're Cut Off when they provide so much fodder to tease them (this episode started with three of them doing the Stiletto Bikini Blast workout, for goodness sake!!!). And boy, their ignorance about other people, particularly homeless people is unbelievable (and highly quotable). However, after last night's episode, I feel I should refrain and get real (yes, even despite the workout in stilettos and bikinis, which begs to be snarked on).

In the "Giving Back" episode, however, a gigantic emotional wall comes down for one of the ladies when a big secret is revealed to a housemate. Perhaps this program of trying to make spoiled brats into respectable human beings is working after all.


I was the first to jump on the "I hate Gia" bandwagon in Episode 1 when Gia told her housemates that she doesn't change her daughter's diapers and didn't breastfeed because she didn't want to be woken up in the night. She just came off so guiltlessly self centered. And besides, the number of times she complains about cooking or cleaning and calls her housemates names makes it really hard to feel bad for her.

Of course, I should've known there was more to that story.

After the women meet Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child and spend the morning cooking and serving the homeless residents at People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), we see some tenderness beginning to sneak in for several of the women. In particular, Gia who starts off the challenge by saying, "I don't even serve my husband food and I'm going to sit here and serve homeless?" sees transformation after connecting with one man who has two daughters and is working hard to find work and change his situation.

Something opened up for her in making that connection because back at the house she sits with Courtnee and reveals a big secret that explains a whole lot about her behavior.

"I'm just the worst mom you could ever imagine," starts Gia and then goes onto explain being hit hard with postpartum depression the day she had her daughter. She explains looking at her new baby and thinking, "You came into my life and you destroyed it. You took my husband from me."

In tears, she tells Courtnee how she used to deal with her daughter, "There'll be times when she's crying like crazy and I'll just put her in her room and I'll lock the door and I wouldn't even give a sh*t. That's f*cked up."

And then she reveals the real reason why she never changed her daughter's diapers. "This is why I was never left alone with her. This is why I wasn't trusted changing her diaper and being around her."

Wow, that's huge. Poor Gia. Sounds like she's never been able to talk to anyone about this very emotional experience either. No wonder she built that wall. She's terrified about what people might see and think if she lets them inside the "real" her. So instead, she tries to come off as super tough, a woman of steel. In other words, guiltless really equals full of guilt. Heartbreaking...

Of course, this act of opening up is also a huge sign of growth for Gia. Now we just need to get inside Erica, who also seems racked with a much deeper pain than she's revealing.

Did you watch Gia's confession? Do you feel she's improving?


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